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David Wigley, CEO, ContentKeeper Technologies, ContentKeeper TechnologiesDavid Wigley, CEO, ContentKeeper Technologies
In the last 18 months, the definition of the workplace has undergone a significant change with the rapid adoption of remote and hybrid work models. The situation has necessitated organizations to bolster their digital transformation and cloud migration efforts to seamlessly run everyday operations and keep employees connected. Huge benefits have been realized in efficiency and cost-saving, but this mass cloud migration has rendered traditional perimeter-based security ineffective; large parts of individual organizations are conducting business from home, well outside the traditional perimeter. As a result, enterprises are struggling to provide consistent protection to their vulnerable business operations and assets. Organizations need a security service that is a natural fit for these conditions, is simple to set up and use, and evolves with the threat landscape to keep them protected without them having to constantly tweak and re-configure their systems.

This is where ContentKeeper Technologies takes center stage.

Founded in 1998, ContentKeeper provides a cloud security service that protects global enterprises, government agencies, healthcare, financial, and educational organizations from cyber threats. 23 years of deep technology research underpins ContentKeeper's Cloud for Enterprise security service, which focuses on offering high-performance, multi-layered security to help enterprises strengthen their overall cybersecurity strategy and stay ahead of increasing risks. "We enable organizations to provide direct-to-cloud connections for their offices and remote users; providing immediate protection with Smart SSL Inspection, URL filtering,

AI-based Malware Protection, and next-generation firewall capabilities, to name a few," explains David Wigley, CEO, ContentKeeper Technologies.
ContentKeeper is one of the easiest and fastest cloud services to deploy, a single device can be connected and protected in minutes, and standard installers can be used to deploy at scale with familiar Group policy, profile, or MDM solutions. ContentKeeper is also one of the most flexible services in the industry, covering all popular mobile devices, including laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. The service can even leverage existing firewall hardware to provide seamless protection to BYOD and other devices on organizational premises, without the need to roll out any hardware or client software, a huge cost-saving feature for organizations with large numbers of branch offices or retail outlets.

SSL-encrypted traffic provides important privacy and security for sensitive activities like banking and making payments online, but it also provides a convenient vector for malware, zero-day threats, ransomware, botnets, and other malicious attacks to sneak past organizational defenses. To be an effective security service, SSL traffic must be inspected in a way that provides deep inspection of encrypted traffic but does not degrade functionality or performance and maintains user privacy for those important functions the technology was originally developed for.

ContentKeeper provides a cloud security service that protects global enterprises, government agencies, healthcare, financial, and educational organizations from cyber threats.

Just as important as protecting the remote workforce is having visibility into how the internet is being used or misused. ContentKeeper's flexible reporting approach captures important data and presents it in a dashboard format that is easy for anyone to understand at a glance while also providing the tools necessary for advanced users to go deeper and uncover the insights that are important or relevant to them as they perform compliance checks, incident analysis, or simply look to see how employees are using company resources.

With its powerful Cloud Security service, ContentKeeper successfully closes security gaps for remote users and offices. The company's commitment to continually developing leading-edge technologies, advanced solutions, and automated processes is helping it to achieve new heights and keep its customers safe from ever-evolving cyber threats. "We've been the pioneer in bridging security gaps and bringing the benefits of our experience to the modern cloud-based workplace in a way that is fast and simple. We aim to become the go-to company for our clients and prospects."
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ContentKeeper Technologies

ContentKeeper Technologies

Braddon, ACT

David Wigley, CEO, ContentKeeper Technologies

ContentKeeper’s mission is to ensure clients’ success as they move seamlessly into the future-state of multi-layered cloud security. For more than two decades, the company has helped global enterprises, educational institutions, government agencies, healthcare and financial organizations protect their people, networks, and digital assets with unmatched technology, security expertise, and support. It creates, implements, and optimizes comprehensive Cloud, Hybrid, and On-Prem solutions to enforce the highest level of cyber defense without impeding engagement or productivity. ContentKeeper helps businesses in embracing a SASE-based Cloud-First infrastructure to enable them with further expansion of flexibility and security while lowering costs.